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What a vacation
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In previous editions, we have conveyed our concern about the leadership qualities of our current president.

Make no mistake, we still have the utmost respect for the office of president but unfortunately very little for the current occupant of the office.

Last month President Obama was in the gulf region surveying the carnage and made a speech that encouraged citizens who were planning to go to the coast to help the region by vacationing at the gulf this summer.

This past weekend the president took a few days of vacation of his own with his family and unfortunately did not follow his own advice. Instead he went to the sea shore and luxuriated along the coast of Maine far from the oil spill that is besieging the gulf coast region. Hurricane Katrina, a massive economic slowdown, and now an oil spill have all severely impacted the region. Now more than ever the residents along the coast need this country's support, and not the cold shoulder of a president that prefers the taste of Maine lobster over (oil-laden) fried grouper.

"Do not do as I say, but as I do." Respect for leadership is earned by example; it's too bad our president hasn't learned that lesson yet.