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Well done, Fairview
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We are more than proud of all of the third grade students of Fairview Theme school.

Every one of them passed the government mandated CRCT tests. But not only did they do that, they posted 100 percent proficiency on the reading portion of the test.

The Newton County School system has been the subject of some unflattering stories as of late; this success by the third graders of Fairview is a positive shot of hope and promise for the future of education in the county.

We congratulate third grade teachers Danita Doan, Burny Drumheller, Della Kirkpatrick and Erin Kinard for their dedication and perseverance in preparing our children for the academic challenges they will be facing in the future.

We would hope that the school administration and school board would have a special honor for those teachers and their former students.

We asked the students if had any advice to give on their success, and the new fourth graders told us that their fellow students should, "work hard and pay attention and they may make Newton County school history just like they have."

Such wise wisdom for all of us, right out of the mouth of a child.