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We need news other than MJ
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Last week pop icon Michael Jackson died. A possible cause of his untimely death has been linked to an alleged misuse of pain killers.

There is no question that at one time he had the whole world at his fingertips.

This is a man who took a God-given talent and destroyed it. He was worth millions and lost it; he made every effort to change himself into something he wasn’t and it’s a good chance that doing so hastened his death.

He had the musical gifts and the opportunity to become a beloved icon that our children could look up to, but for whatever reason, he chose to go down a different path.

His death was sad because he still was a man in his prime and capable of creating more music to share with the world.

The major news media outlets, including normally conservative FOX, are covering his death and funeral as if some benevolent world leader had died.

In doing so, we have seen little coverage on two major bills being pushed through Congress that could affect our lives and our children’s lives in an enormously negative way.

The cap and trade bill could raise our taxes and add another level of bureaucracy to the already almost decimated home sales market, and the government-run health insurance program that if passed as it stands now could put the future quality of health care in jeopardy.

Michael Jackson’s death deserved some coverage, but this wall-to-wall coverage is insane as the more important issues are simply crawling across the ticker at the bottom of our television screens. We need more in depth coverage than that.

If certain news producers refuse to recognize their responsibilities, some of them will not be around ten years from now when the next mega-celebrity dies.