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Warm weather reminders
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Now that we are in the throes of our sweltering Georgia summer, we offer these reminders for safety.

Last week a mother of twins was arrested for leaving her 4-month-old child locked in her car while she went in to shop at a local discount store.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan heard a cry coming from the car, had the courage to investigate and called 911. Help soon arrived.

The mother was arrested and child services turned the children over to the unsuspecting father.

First, you should never leave a child of any age in a car unattended; we don't care what the temperature is or how much it will slow you down on your quick errand. Our summer weather makes it particularly dangerous, for even a few moments of extreme heat can endanger the health of a child.

The same is true for pets.

The other reminder is about swimming pools. Some states have a law that you must have a fence around a pool; Georgia does not. Lawmakers should consider pushing this type of bill, and you as a homeowner or a parent need to be ever vigilant when having children around a pool.

It only takes a minute for a toddler to slip out a door and to fall into the inviting, sparkling waters of a pool.

That could be the minute you are on the phone or distracted by another child.

We would suggest that if you have a pool, invest in child proof locks and swimming lessons at the local YMCA or teach them yourself.

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful state that offers many great outdoor activities.

Just remember it only takes a moment of thoughtlessness to ruin your life and your family's lives forever during the months when we all play the most.