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Ugly, unsafe, unfair
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In Friday’s paper, we ran a front-page story about a city man who refuses to maintain or care for his property and who apparently has no respect for laws or neighbors.

If you missed it, visit and look for the “Dilapidated Dilemma” story.

It’s too bad that Jack Moser, who lives at 6110 Sorrells St. in Covington, wasn’t born 100 years ago. Back then, his fierce independent streak wouldn’t have affected anyone accept himself.

Mr. Moser’s disrespect for the law and total lack of concern for his neighbors are just not acceptable in Covington, in 2013.

His neighbors do not deserve to come home every day and see the jungle that has become 6110 Sorrell St. Not only is the condition of his property ugly, it is also unhealthy. It’s a breeding ground for insects, vermin and other animals.
The city of Covington needs to take whatever action its ordinances allow to clean up or remove the dangers caused by this house. If that means tearing down the house, so be it.

When a person makes no effort to respect the rights of others, as far as we are concerned, that person also should forfeit his.