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Tobacco ban
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"Cigarettes are not a part of human behavior, they are a habit."
- Joe Eszterhas

The Newton Recreation Commission is recommending a total ban on cigarette products at the county's parks and recreation facilities.

Recreation Director Tommy Hailey presented the proposal to the Newton County Board of Commissioners Tuesday.

We're in favor of the ban and don't think it's much different than the ban on drinking alcohol at some public facilities.

However, smoking tobacco is not illegal in this country in spite of the fact that the government has continued to load taxes onto cigarettes.

The fight against smokers has accelerated to the point that ads run against the use of the product are degrading and disgusting.

People have a right to smoke, but they don't have a right to cause discomfort or health problems for other people.

If you choose to smoke, you should do so on the privacy of your own property.