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We have no doubt that some of our readers would have an issue running a mile in this weather, much less more than six miles.

That makes it only more amazing that 83-year-old Oxford resident Marvin Bowen recently completed his 30th consecutive Peachtree Road Race.

Marvin has run for the past 50 years and looking at his picture, which can be found at, the activity seems to have kept him in great shape.

He told our sports editor that his pace used to be about 6 to 8 minutes per mile, while he's now closer to 12 minutes per mile. He finished this year's 10K race in 1:59:56, and he seemed disappointed in that time.

Well Marvin, take comfort. The senior member of our editorial board said it takes him nearly half that much time just to run the 50 yards to his mailbox when it's raining outside.

Marvin's dedication and determination should be an example to all of us that it's never too late to stay in shape.