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The sweet taste of Vidalia onions is coming soon
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Although we have officially been celebrating the arrival of spring for a couple of weeks now, we are glad to announce that the real official sign of spring here in Georgia is the arrival of handpicked and freshly packed Vidalia onions.

The Covington Rotary, which has made these famous southern varieties available to the residents of the area for several years, has announced it is now taking orders for 25 lb. bags of the delicious, sweet-tasting treats.

The price for a bag this year is still only $18 and you can order yours for delivery May 1 from any Covington Rotarian or you can call our Rotarian General Manager T. Pat Cavanaugh at (770) 787-6397 or drop an email to

Many of you have been buying these onions for years from the same Rotarian. The profit from this sale by the local Rotarians goes to support its annual Christmas stocking fund.
If you would like more information, you can also contact club president Brook Collins at

We commend the Rotarians for their community volunteerism. Over the years, their efforts have contributed to the growth and development of Newton County. We urge you to support them as they conduct their annual Vidalia onion drive.