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The sweet aroma of Christmas
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If you're starting to smell the sweet aroma of Vidalia onions in the air, it's not coming from a changing wind from Vidalia; it's coming from the cars and trucks of the members of our local Covington Rotary Club.

Every year at this time, the local Rotarians sell bags of the sweet Vidalia onions to our community. Sale proceeds benefit the club's annual Christmas stocking fund, something Rotarians have been conducting for the families of our county who have needed some extra help for 60-plus years.

Last year the Rotarians were almost overwhelmed by the requests from families for a little help at Christmas. This year we can only imagine that there will be even more requests.

The Rotarians cannot perform this special community service without your help.

So if you can reach deep in that pocket of giving this year and purchase a bag of onions from one of our local Rotarians, you not only will be able to enjoy a special treat, you will be helping a child have that special Christmas this year that they might not otherwise enjoy.

If you don't know a Rotarian and one does not ask you, you can contact our General Manager, Pat Cavanaugh, at (770) 787-6397 or by email at