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The season of giving
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As we frantically tune ourselves up to plan for that Christmas dinner or party and rush from store to store to purchase gifts for our loved ones, we need to take a few minutes to reflect on our neighbors and friends who might not be as fortunate as we are.

There are people among us who are struggling to put food on the table or just to keep their families warm. Some keep their struggles hidden out of embarrassment because they have never before found themselves in this situation.

We are a giving people, and there are many organizations that are open and willing to assist us all in helping others this Christmas season.

The Salvation Army is one; there also are numerous food banks.

The Covington Rotary will be delivering toys to families next week; our staff has adopted two families to assist this year.

There are some families in our community who actually have no homes, or food. Some are being assisted by our local homeless shelter, which is always in need of support of all kinds.

Here at the News, we are asking you to go through your closets, check your pantries and drop off your excess here at our office. We are downtown at 1166 Usher St.

We will see to it that your donations go to organizations that are helping our neighbors in need.