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The morning-after pill
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According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 1.3 million babies a year are aborted in the U.S. That is a staggering number.

We don’t know how many of that number were partial-birth abortions.

With those staggering numbers, it seems we should look at the morning-after pill as a miracle, because the process of conception is stopped before life begins, which should stop this staggering daily death count.

A federal judge said that the pill should be available to all ages, with or without parental consent.

The government has said that the minimum age to purchase these pills is 15. We think the judge and the government are wrong on this age issue.

The minimum age should be at least 18, and some type of counseling should be required.

It seems that every time a child does something wrong in this country, there is strong backlash against that child’s parents for not controlling the child’s actions.

In some cases this might be true, but we feel in the majority of cases, parents are trying their best to raise and nurture their children, but are fighting a losing battle against judges and governments who insist that minor children have the same rights as adults and can make their own decisions without their parents’ knowledge.

How do parents stand a chance of being good parents when the activities of their minor children can be hidden from them?

When young children can have abortions or take the morning-after pill without their parents’ knowledge or consent, we as a society have gone over the edge.

We still have a right in this country to stand up against judges who abuse their power or governments that overstep their authority.

But if we don’t start exercising that right through the ballot box, we will lose not only our children and grandchildren, but our own human dignity as well.