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The election is finally over
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When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.
~ Winston Churchill

As you read this today, it must be some sort of relief that this local election season is finally over.

The results of our local election are on page one and further details can be seen and read at

This election, both nationally and locally, created tension and mistrust that seems to be stronger than in past years' elections.

Every time we have an election in our county, we will have a transition in leadership.

For the past four years, especially in county government, we have had dysfunction and infighting. This lack of leadership and childish antics have not been good for any of us who live here or do business in the county.

Our school system has shown marked academic progress over the last three years, yet has been burdened by unnecessary infighting that did not need to happen.

We believe Newton County is on the cusp of an economic revival of both businesses and property.

In order for the benefits from the coming economic progress to be fully realized, we will need a unified front and competent leadership from our elected officials no matter who they might be.

After every past election, there has been a honeymoon period. Let's ensure that there is that period of reflection and planning for the coming way of progress that is preparing to greet us.

Partisan and racial differences have no place in local politics and we hope that those elected will do what is best for the citizens of Newton County as a whole.

Let's be united so that we together pull ourselves out of this long, nightmarish recession. We owe that to ourselves and our children. Stopping short of this is unacceptable.