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The Class of 2011
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Our graduating seniors have had it tough.

This class has personally felt the strains and sadness of the full effects of our economic downturn. They have seen and probably experienced the effect of people being out of jobs, of family members or friends losing their homes.
And for the past four years, they have experienced transitions in the education system. Some of the changes have been less than positive.

Through all of this, we hope and pray that this class has learned that there are no promises of success and change.

Both have to be earned.

Seniors, in order to make the world better than what you now see and what you should wish to leave to the generations that follow, you have to be honest, not only with yourself but with others. You also must have a heart that oozes compassion for all men, and you will have to have the drive to push for constant change, because it's constant change that will make our society and our future better.

So, to the Class of 2011, go forth and be prepared to effect the changes that will ensure that your generation will forever be etched in the history of mankind as the generation that changed the world for the good of all mankind.

From all of us here at The Covington News, congratulations and Godspeed.