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Teamwork appreciated
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Newton County commissioners on Monday did the right thing when they agreed not to increase the millage rate this year as they approved a budget.

Best off all, they did as a team, with the exception of J.C. Henderson, who must have lost his voice when the voting took place, though he did nod in apparent approval.

We feel that commissioners did their homework well. Their vote reflected the economic conditions of the Newton community at this time.

Chamber of Commerce President Hunter Hall said that the vote was a victory for small business.

We agree.

Cuts are part of the budget. Undoubtedly there will be a diminishing of some county services.

Please remember that. While it may take longer to receive replies for your questions and needs, please be patient and remember that the extra time it is taking you to receive your services means that you will have more money in your pocket, saved by not paying increased taxes.
Last week we endorsed commissioners Fleming and Shultz in their call for more volunteerism.

If any elected official or private citizen has an idea on how we can follow that call to arms, please contact us. We will support and endorse any goodwill effort to increase volunteerism in Newton County.

Again, thank you, commissioners, for the courage to do the right thing in holding the millage rate line.