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Syria and pride
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"Pride comes before a fall."

­— Proverbs 16:18


Many months ago the president of the United States made a major tactical error when he warned the leadership of the Syrian regime that if chemical weapons were used, he would draw a mythical red line in the sand.

That line was meant to intimidate the leadership of Syria.

Over the past month, chemical weapons have been used, and thousands of Syrians have died.

The bluff of the president was called not once, but many times.

Now the president’s pride is on the line, and he has begun the saber rattling.

Through his minions and through so-called leaks, we the American people and the whole world know what we intend to send missiles after. This makes absolutely no sense.

The president should ask Congress for its support on his saber rattling and threat to attack; he is not, at least yet, an imperial president.

We do not support any attack on Syria. The problems of Syria should be solved by the Syrian people and their neighbors. We do not have to be the world’s policeman.

We have had too many of our bright young people either killed or maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan; we cannot, for no apparent reason, create another possible flashpoint for the sake of honor and pride.

Mr. President, please do not bomb or interfere in Syria.

There is no value in doing so.