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Support in tough times
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We are sad to see the Goody's store here in Covington close. It has been a mainstay of local shopping for years.

Not only is this a loss for local consumers, but also it is a major loss of tax revenue for local government.

In addition, Covington Cooks, Beyond Borders and Tru restaurant are closing or have already closed their doors on the Covington square.

We are going to get back on our soapbox from 2008 and preach to each of you again the value of shopping locally during these difficult financial times.

Within a 20 mile radius of Covington in any direction you can find anything you want.

There are a multitude of car dealers, restaurants and grocery stores that all offer the same values and usually better values than metro shopping areas.

Remember, every dollar you spend here not only helps a local merchant, but also it helps you.

The taxes paid by that merchant help pay for schools and the vital infrastructure we need to maintain the community we love.

We are in tough times - there is no question about that. Unless on Inauguration Day there is a great miracle of recovery that sweeps the land, there will be even tougher times ahead.

Covington, Newton County and Social Circle, will survive all of this and we will become a stronger community because of it. In order for this to happen, we need to hark back to our prosperous history and support each other as a community.