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Stress and nerves
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Black Friday (which was really celebrated on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thanksgiving, all weekend and Cyber Monday) was by all accounts a major success for retailers.

For that we are grateful. We certainly all need the dose of good news.

What is discouraging is the total lack of respect and patience that many people are showing today, especially at these types of sales or happenings.

This past week one woman pepper sprayed people at a Walmart. In a Target store, people walked over an elderly man without helping him. That man, by the way, apparently had had a heart attack. While neither of these events took place in Newton County, we are sure that many of you who took part in these shopping sprees probably saw plenty of people being selfish and rude.

There are plenty doom and gloom predictions of what is happening to the society that our forefathers built with their ingenuity and blood, sweat and tears. When we see and hear of people’s inhumanity during situations like Black Friday, it only makes us start to wonder maybe just a little bit if these predictions just might come true.

We do know this: if humans keep reverting back to the animals that we came from, the society of law and order in which we exist under will surely crumble.

We ask that the next time you are in a situation where other people are acting like children, act like an adult and maybe, just maybe, we can begin revert back to a society that respected manners.

Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present?