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Strange world
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Some folks would tell you that they think the world has turned upside down. The following two items might have you believing the same as them.

This past week a theft of a different kind happened in Murray, Utah.

A thief entered the Smiths Food and Drug store, went straight to aisle 16, the pet food aisle, and proceeded to grab a big juicy bone into its mouth. The thief in this case had four legs, not two.

The store manager confronted the bold thief and demanded that he drop the bone. The thief and the manager stared at each other and the thief broke for the door and safety.

We presume that the thief enjoyed his Christmas snack.

In Afghanistan, for years the CIA has been paying big cash to war lords for information.

The only problem was when the war lords converted that bribe money into bigger tents or the latest camel, their buddies knew they were squealers and then the war lords were not treated kindly by their friends.
Now our CIA is rewarding the war lords with the" little blue pill." The only problem with this is now the terrorists are looking for the information-giving war lords who are sporting the biggest smiles.