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Stop stealing signs
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In the last week we have had two letters to the editor concerning vandalism and theft of candidates' signs.
 Personally, we think candidate signs are unsightly and clutter our landscape.
 But, political candidates feel this is very effective advertising and we support that decision.
 To post a candidate's sign on your property is a fundamental right you have as a citizen of this country. That right is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.
 Who you support and how you do it is also your protected right.
 The people who think it is OK to go on someone's property and destroy or deface a sign, which is the property owner's right to free expression, are breaking the law and should be punished if caught.
Those misguided souls who are violating other people's rights are also childish.
 If you know or see someone who is trampling on your rights or your neighbor's right to express themselves by having a political sign on their property, call the authorities and then let us know. We will be glad to run their arrest and conviction in the paper.