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Spreading the wealth
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We write an editorial like this every year, and every year it makes us proud to do so.

In our community we are blessed to have some major giving industries. One of those industries is General Mills. Not only does the plant on Industrial Park Blvd. fill the air with the sweet aroma of Honey Nut Cheerios, it provides jobs.

General Mills is also a partner with us in our Hometown Hero program where we honor folks that do extraordinary things throughout the year. Appropriately we call those folks Hometown Hero's.

Every year, General Mills, through its Community Action Council, contributes grants to worthwhile nonprofits. Friday the General Mills Corporation, staff and employees contributed more than $190,000 to 27 of those organizations throughout the three surrounding counties. You can read the whole list in today's paper.

We thank the General Mills folks. Each of you helps our communities be better places to live. We also enjoy some great cereal.