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Spousal abuse a serious problem
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We were saddened to hear of the weekend arrest of District 4 County Commissioner J.C. Henderson. He has been charged with battery under the Family Violence Act.

Henderson has not yet been convicted and we hope for the sake of the community that details proving his innocence surface.

However, we did want to take this time to talk about the seriousness of spousal abuse.

Often women keep their abuse a secret for years, even if police officers are called to their homes, because they are afraid of what their spouses will do to them if they are arrested.

They lie about bruises on their bodies and distance themselves from friends and family.

Thousands of children witness one parent abusing another and this often does irreparable damage to their ability to trust others.

Project ReNeWal is a local organization assisting abused women. Since its inception, it has answered more than 3,500 calls for help last year and sheltered more than 250 women.

This is a serious problem. If you need help, you can call Project ReNeWal's 24-hour assistance line at (770) 860-1666.

If Henderson is convicted of battery of his wife in the presence of his children, then he should resign his post as commissioner. Anyone with these issues should focus on mending his family's problems before focusing on a whole county's worth of issues.