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Speak now or forever hold your peace
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We are for taxpayers having their opinions heard at public meetings, in particular, meetings held to conduct city and county business.

If people would keep their comments concise and on-point, then we would shout from the rooftops that this should be done.

Unfortunately, some just love hogging the limelight. In every case there is going to be a citizens who will abuse the privilege to challenge his elected official or will use that time to push their own personal agendas.

These actions hinder city and county business.
All of the subjects to be discussed in a public meeting are advertised prior to the meeting. Some cities hold public work sessions and allow citizens to offer their input in that venue.

We like the Covington Council model where citizens do their homework, read the agenda, sign in and can give their viewpoints before and after the meetings.
Everyone has a right to make his opinions known - that is what helps keep us a free society - but everyone is not entitled to make a fool of himself for democracy's sake.