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Some positive signs
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Rising home prices

It seems that one good thing about having low housing inventory in Newton County is that prices are on the rise. As our Wednesday story pointed out, this is a promising sign for taxpayers who have watched their property values decline over the past five years.

We hope it also translates to rising appraisals of homes for sale. When that happens, it should bring builders back to Newton County in droves.

Christian Learning Center

If ever there was a time for our nation to turn to God and seek his guidance and blessings, it is now.

That’s why we were pleased to report on the establishment of the Newton County Christian Learning Center, which plans to offer Christian training for high school students beginning in January.

From its very inception, our nation considered the teaching of good, Christian values to be a key component in the education of our children. As of late, because of some minority viewpoints, that has changed.

The Christian Learning Center will provide that moral teaching for those who choose to seek it.

We praise all the parties that are working to make this center possible.

Involving students

We applaud the efforts of Newton County Schools Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey to create a special Student Advisory Council.

Involving students in the process of setting school policies might help to prevent a recurrence of the type of foolishness that was created by adults during last year’s Alcovy High School fiasco.

On the same page

We also applaud the statements of our two Congressmen, Hank Johnson and Paul Broun. They both oppose a war resolution proposed by President Obama, who wants to strike against Syria.

You can encourage Broun and Johnson to stand firm in that resolve by contacting their offices to offer your support.