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Some more good thoughts
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In last Sunday's paper we were glad to run some good news stories written about a few of our local people.

If you missed any of them you can catch up with them on


Years ago one of the many hobbies that many young men had was building models - especially airplane models.

Flying in the good old days was still very much a mystery and to dream of doing it someday was a dream that many to this day have remembered.

Tom Oliver certainly did. At age 71 he fulfilled his dream to learn how to fly recently at the Covington Airport.

Such dreams, like Oliver's, helped build our nation into the superpower it has become.

We salute Tom Oliver. We encourage you to follow your dreams and some day, if you persist, your dream might just come true like his.


Dalton Knox is a quiet type of guy. He is not flashy, he's not boastful. He just quietly goes about his business.

The local Y knows that all too well, because he has made as a part of his personal life a commitment to the children of our community.

Local Y director Louly Hay-Kapp said recently that "Dalton has such a big heart and real passion for the work of the Y and the children of the community and he is one of the most committed people I have ever worked with."

We couldn't agree with Hay-Kapp more .

Dalton has been named the Y's volunteer of the year, we are sure he probably feels that someone else deserves this award, but the Y made the right choice. Dalton has spent many years under the radar working with the Y and its programs.

Here is a big pat on the back to a good caring person. Congratulations Dalton Knox, you are truly a great volunteer.


A name synonymous with Social Circle over the past 22 years is magistrate judge Rebecca Dally.

In our opinion, Judge Dally has been a fair and principled judge. In addition to these duties she has found time to be involved in the Social Circle Community, giving time to the Rotary and to her special love, the Boys and Girls Club. We have worked with Judge Dally and we know that she is a perfectionist in anything she does.

Judge Dally is stepping down because her husband, Hal, is running for a political position in Social Circle and keeping her position could be considered a conflict of interest.

We admire the fact that she accepted that possibility and handled it promptly.

We wish Judge Rebecca Dally well in her future endeavors.