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Some good news...
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Every chance we get, we like to applaud the good news that happens, even during these tough economic times.
There were several examples in Sunday's edition of The Covington News.

We reported that the Newton County library will get $283,884 from state taxes this year. That's $54,000 less than last year, but it will help our much-needed library system.

We realize that methods of communication are changing so fast that it is almost impossible for normal folks to keep up with it, but reading a good book is still the perfect elixir to calm the frazzled nerves that are brought on by trying to keep up with the changes.
Also, there is something about the smell and feel of a book that will never be replaced by a Kindle or some other electronic reading device.

Also Sunday, we had a report on how the county continues its innovative efforts in dealing with budget constraints.
We support the efforts of Chairman Kathy Morgan and her suggestion that county employees be cross trained. It's an efficient way to operate a work force that has to stay lean.

There was another story that showed the county is continuing to grow, however modestly, attracting a new restaurant and constructing a new, affordable living complex for seniors.

It's true that such projects won't have a major impact on the county, but any growth is a positive as far as we concerned.