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Some good news
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In a story from Wednesday's paper, we told you Newton County High Schools were on par with the averages of other local school systems in regards to unruly students in the classroom and fights in the hallways.

Those reports are lower than the numbers that have been blogged, both anonymous and signed, throughout the community, and we recognize that as a good thing.

Although fighting in our local schools is definitely not a positive, the fact the actual number of fights is below the suspected levels is a good sign for our beleaguered school system.

Newton County schools have been painted in a bad light regarding this issue for years. As we continue to seek employers to locate to Newton County we need to improve not only our school scores, but also our discipline in those same institutions.
Compared to speculation the actual number of fights in Newton County schools is lower than gossiped.

We encourage all of those who find it easy to complain about our school system to offer their help and expertise in mentoring our students and supporting our teachers.

Private schools work under this type of support and there is no reason, with parental backing, it can't work here in our Newton County public school system.

This positive support by parents and the community at large will only help our schools do a better job in educating our children and help make us a more attractive community.