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Social Circle
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If you were driving through the main street in Social Circle and blinked twice, you might miss the physical heart of the city.

That’s OK, because the strength of the Social Circle community is not what you see in the physical sense; it’s the pride and heart of the people who live there.

An example of that is the Social Circle Better Hometown group under the direction of Mike Miller. The group has worked and fought for years to turn Social Circle into the showcase city of Walton County.

Even in the tough economic times that saw the possible closing of its No. 1 tourist attraction, the Blue Willow Inn, the group fought to bring change that would lead to future growth.

That effort has been rewarded, as Social Circle has been named a 2013 National Main Street City.

We congratulate the folks who have poured their hearts and spirits into the Better Hometown group, including the city of Social Circle. Being a Main Street City gives them the national credibility to improve and grow their city.

A strong Social Circle is good not only for Walton County, but also for Newton County.