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Snapping Shoals
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Utility cooperatives were begun under the New deal, created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to ensure that rural communities such as ours could receive electricity.

In 1936, a group of local businessmen started Snapping Shoals Power and Light Co. Soon, 90 miles of lines were created, serving 270 customers.

Since then, Snapping Shoals has grown into a co-op that serves 95,000 customers and covers eight counties and parts of Atlanta.

Since its inception, and with the assistance of its customers, the co-op has supported many of our local nonprofits.

Members of Snapping Shoals EMC are active community volunteers.

We are grateful to have Snapping Shoals EMC in our community; it is a valuable resource.

Thank you, Snapping Shoals, for 75 years of service to our community.