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Last week, the CVS chain pharmacy announced that beginning later this year, it will no longer sell tobacco products in any stores.

We respect CVS’ decision to sell, or not sell, whatever it chooses. That’s not just because of this particular decision.

However, it seems to us that over the years, the government has made a full frontal assault on the tobacco industry, which for years was a giant source of agricultural revenue in the South. And governments have made a fortune off smokers in the form of taxes.

We have no doubt that tobacco is as bad for us as experts say. But what we can’t understand is this: If cigarette smoking is so bad, how is marijuana smoking, all of a sudden, a good thing?

Doesn’t long-term use of both products destroy your lungs?

Along with lung damage, doesn’t excessive marijuana use destroy your reasoning power as well?

Maybe someone out there can explain the "cigarettes are bad; marijuana is good" theory that now exists in the minds of many experts.

If you can, you are welcome to have space on this page to do so.