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School pride
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Good news is good news, and we're always glad to honor whoever makes it happen.

The Newton County School System is our public school system, and its success and reputation reflects on its past, present and future graduates. A couple years ago, it seemed as if every report of test scores we received pointed to the fact that our education system was not only failing our children, but our community as well.

We're glad to see, amidst other potential issues, that the perception of test scores at least is becoming more positive.

The Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) results released last week showed Newton County students improved their scores by 73 percent overall.

We're proud to have reason to salute the administration, teachers and students of the Newton County School System.

We believe that Newton County is on the cusp of major economic growth, and we need to keep seeing positive academic results like these from our school system to insure that happens.