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School bus stops: Stop
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Now that school has started back, motorists on many of our county roads are finding their commute time extended because of the band of bright yellow school busses carrying our children to and from their homes and school.

If the lights are red and the stop sign is out, every vehicle on the road without a median must stop because children may be crossing the road from both directions. If there is a median in the middle of the road, cars going the opposite direction can continue.

It takes more than a little patience to follow the rules as one of these busses lumbers down the road, stopping every few blocks to pick up children. But there are some major fines — $300 for the first violation and six points on your license – if you decide you just can’t be patient and try to pass a bus. This is because many of them in Newton County now have cameras to record you if you do pass when the red lights are flashing.

The pictures taken are being turned over to the Sheriff’s Office, and you will be issued a ticket.

Just because you’re stuck behind a bus or you’re running late for that meeting doesn’t mean you should endanger those who aren’t even tall enough yet to reach a gas pedal. We suggest that until next May, you make plans to leave home earlier, put some nice music on and enjoy your leisurely ride to the office.

In doing so, you will ensure that none of our children are killed or maimed for the rest of their lives.