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Saluting Newborns mayor
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Newborn is such a small town in Newton County that if you blink your eyes twice as you pass through, you will miss it.

But we suggest that you don’t blink your eyes. If you take some time and keep your eyes open, you will see a community that has real Southern character.

Newborn has a leader who reflects that character.

Mayor Roger Sheridan, a 92-year-old World War II veteran, is touted by some as the oldest mayor in the country. We don’t know if that statement is true, but he certainly is among the oldest and we might add among the spunkiest leaders in the country.

We met Sheridan about four years ago. Sporting his World War II ball cap, he was feisty and energetic, determined to see that Newborn received its share of county funds to ensure that his goals were met.

When we left the meeting, we are sure that we saluted and wished him luck.

He didn’t need luck. He just went out and accomplished what he set out to accomplish.

Sheridan is a perfect example of why the Greatest Generation guided us through two major wars and set in a motion a booming economy that put our country on an even keel for success.

Sheridan has announced his intention to run again for mayor of Newborn. We support that intent.

We could use a few more politicians and characters like Roger Sheridan here in Newton County — and in the state and federal government, for that matter.