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Running for office
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Flowers are not the only thing in full bloom this spring - candidates seeking local offices are coming out of the woodwork daily.

Today our front page features profiles of two gentlemen running for positions on the Newton County Board of Education.

If you feel called to run for elected office and think you have something valuable to bring to a certain position, we encourage you to seek out qualification at the Board of Elections and then come and speak with us at The News. You have until April 26 to qualify with a political party.

We promise to introduce you and spread your message to our readers in the most professional manner.

Every election is important because it can generate positive or negative change. If you feel strongly about a certain issue but don't feel compelled to run for office, discover what candidates feel the same way you do and support them in whatever way you can.

The ability to vote and run for office are founding principles of our country and should be regarded with decorum and gravity.