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Rude and wrong
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This past week and probably for the 15th time since January, we almost bought the farm on a local road at a turn lane.

This time, it was a case of ignorance and blindness, with some rudeness thrown in, too.

The other driver must have been blind, because they failed to see the double yellow lines leading to the turn lane to make a turn of U.S. Highway 278 onto Elm Street.

On Monday as we waited patiently (which is hard enough in a long line) and we started into the turn lane at the marked area to do so (AFTER the double yellow lines), we looked into the mirror as we turned, but we must have looked into a blind spot, because at that moment we heard brakes screeching, saw a blur and then saw a car spin out in the opposite lane.

Since we did not see a bright light of any kind we knew we were all right.

The next thing that happened was that we were given the silent gesture of defiance, heard words that on previous occasions we had our mouths washed out with soap, and were given a look that under normal circumstances would have put the fear of God into us.

The other driver turned his car in the right direction, made a quick left turn and was gone into the sunset.

We were fortunate this time, as was the other driver. The name calling and gesture will be forgotten, but a death caused by a driver breaking the law would not have gone away.

But this happens all the time, here. Someone gets in a hurry, ignores the yellow line, and plows ahead into the turn lane.

This has gotten serious. We urge police to enforce the law on turn lanes before someone is either maimed for life or killed.