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Roundabout ways
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Newton County is set for a second roundabout.

As we reported first online Wednesday at, a roundabout traffic control structure is planned for U.S. Highway 278 at Ga. Highway 142, with the state paying for construction and the county paying for lighting and maintenance.

Everyone wins.

The Turner Lake Road roundabout has been a great, safe success.

Roundabouts are cheaper than traditional signals at intersections and work well in keeping traffic flowing smoothly.

The Highway 278 and Highway 142 intersection is well-traveled, especially on Sundays. When church lets out, the county has had to pay to station a deputy there to work the traffic. The roundabout also will alleviate this expense.

Now, if we can just get drivers to maintain a constant speed and not stop in the roundabout to let another car in, we'll all be happy.