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Risky gesture of goodwill
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With a budget deficit looming a year away, the Newton County Board of Education voted 4-1 this week to give teachers back two of their furlough days, which will cost the school system around $1 million.

Our teachers deserve more money; no one is arguing against that. However, the school system must be frugal and shouldn't risk going in the red to give back two days' worth of pay.

We agree with board member Eddie Johnson's statement that giving back these days only leads to a false sense of security.

Meanwhile, board chairwoman Abigail Coggin said that, in the scheme of the things, $1 million is not that much. Really, Ms. Coggin? Unless we're talking about the federal deficit or Warren Buffet's investment portfolio, when is $1 million not a lot of money?

We need to support our teachers, but threatening the school system's financial stability isn't the way to do it.