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As sure as Christmas comes every year - and if you love that day as much as we do, note it's only 135 days away - we offer you once again our annual watch out for the kids editorial.

If for the last two months, you have become used to speeding down the back roads in the morning after catching a few extra minutes of shuteye, we suggest you set the alarm clock a littler earlier from now on.

School has started in Newton County, and school buses are now out and about and students with their minds full of all sort of wonderful learning - or maybe social concerns - may be darting across the street without looking.

Remember, there are very stiff fines and consequences for not stopping when school buses have their red lights flashing.
Be courteous; drive a little slower.

You don't want to be the cause of one of our young people suffering an injury.

Our children are the future of Newton County, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that they fulfill their destiny.

Drive safely and obey the rules; those extra couple minutes of sleep and convenience are not worth taking a life.