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Reaction confusion
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Two weeks ago there were two acts of unforgivable violence in our country.

Dr. George Tiller, a well known late-term abortion doctor, was gunned down in his church.

In Little Rock, Ark., soldiers William Long, 23, and Quinton Ezaagwaia, 18, were gunned down in front of a recruitment center.

Long was killed and Ezaagwaia was seriously wounded.

Both of these killings were uncalled for - Tiller was killed by a mad man, Long by a Muslim extremist.

We are still troubled by the actions and non-actions of our president and federal government in dealing with both of these incidents.

Tiller, by all accounts, was responsible for the deaths of over 60,000 late term babies, but the president and his attorney general reacted to his death by going on the public airways to bemoan his loss. Plus, the attorney general sent out federal officers to protect others like Tiller.

We accept that the president did this. In this country, just because you disagree with another person's philosophy does not give you the right to kill them for it. We still have a court system and a Supreme Court that has worked toward justice throughout our country's existence.

What we don't accept is the fact that the president and his attorney general made no public pronouncements about how soldier William Long, who was volunteering to serve all of us, was killed on American soil by a Muslim extremist.

William Long, you deserved more than this from our nation's leader. We salute your courage and thank your family for raising a patriotic young man.