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Praying for a leader
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From the onset, we were uncomfortable with the election of Barack Obama as president because we felt his lack of real leadership was going to be a serious problem for our country.

In the past two years, the president has proven our point too many times. During the last two weeks, his lack of leadership has shone through like a great big harvest moon.

Never in the history of this nation has our president gone out of the country and then decided we were to go to war, committed millions of dollars in weaponry (money which we don't have), and continued to make speeches from South America informing us in bits and pieces of what was happening.

His cover was that we he was trying to secure jobs. In a word, bull. In one speech he committed to spend billions of dollars to help the government of Brazil explore for oil in the gulf, but refuses to allow our own people the same privilege.

The president is back in the U.S., having cut his trip short by a couple of hours. This gesture is as meaningless as a bag full of horse manure left in the noonday sun.
The president has yet to address the American people directly (as his predecessors did in times of conflict) about his plans regarding Libya.

His indecision and lack of leadership has not only embarrassed our military, the best fighting force in the world, but has embarrassed our country and placed us in a position of being a second-rate country.

We need a leader who can spark confidence in our nation especially during these perilous times.

Mr. president: It is not too late. Please step up to the plate, take control, and finally hit one out of the park.

We are all praying for you finally to do that.