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Perplexing package
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For weeks we were bombarded on every TV station and in every major newspaper by the Obama administration's urgency on passing an economic stimulus package.

We heard that if the bill wasn't rushed through Congress, we would doom the United States and our way of life.

House and Senate Democrats took up the president's marching orders and jammed a bill through without the American tax payer having the time to review it and confer with their elected leaders.

In fact, we now find that two parts of the bill - tax relief for new car buyers and tax relief for homebuyers, or the only real stimulus in the bill- have been cut.

This bill was passed Friday.

You would think that a grateful president would have signed the bill no later than Saturday - to keep Armageddon from our front doors.

No, the sense of urgency seems to have dissipated. The President took off to Chicago for a little Valentine's Day excursion and his minions have been all over the airways this past weekend playing down the impact of this monumental stimulus bill.

The president is going to sign the bill today, not in Washington D.C. - the seat of government power, but in Denver, of all places.

The president said he picked Denver because that's where the real people are that this bill is going to help.

Believe it or not Mr. President, the government is just a small part of Washington, D.C.; real people live there also.

Our question is why such urgency before and now none?

Very perplexing, very perplexing indeed....