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Our thoughts...Be vigilant with children
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Those of us who are old enough to remember harbor fond memories of the summer days when parents turned us loose early in the morning and told us to be home in time for dinner. There was no fear of molesters or any other monster taking us.

Sunday we published a story about an ice cream man who allegedly inappropriately touched one of our young children. The story ran in the edition immediately after one that detailed changes in Georgia's sex offender laws. If you missed either article, they can be seen at

The ice cream man was once an almost holy figure as he dressed in all white and delivered frosty treats to cool the hot sun's rays. Unfortunately in today's world it's hard to trust that our young ones will be safe when they are more than a few feet away from us.

The young girl who allegedly was violated by the ice cream man was fortunate she was with family members who reported this man, known as "Nathan."

This summer let your kids be kids, but make sure they are supervised with a wary eye. It's sad but there are plenty of dangerous people who have no problem taking advantage or your child's innocence for their own disgusting pleasure.

If you have any doubts about anyone's behavior in dealing with your child, immediately report that incident to our local law enforcement officials.