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Our Thoughts: What Christmas means to us
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Christmas is a time of celebrating and gathering.

Whether you celebrate the coming of Jesus, the arrival of a new big screen television or bracelet, a big meal or a time to not be awoken by an alarm clock, there is something to rejoice about. Perhaps you are headed out of town, or have rarely-seen family and friends coming into town, or are busy on the holiday party circuit – it is a time to gather and catch up.

Christmas is also a time for healing or reflection. Your family may not be the size it was, but the memories still shine as bright as the bulbs on your Christmas tree. Your gifts may not be as plentiful under that tree as they used to be, but the joy you get from giving is still there.

Here at The Covington News, we want to share our thoughts on this sacred day. We asked each staff member to say what Christmas means to them.

Leigh Ann Avery (administration): Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration in the world’s greatest gift — Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In turn, it is also a time of great sorrow for others and an opportunity to allow God to work through us by showing them kindness.

Anette Benton (sales): Christmas to me means love; the love that God had for us when he sent His Son to be born as a sacrifice for our sins. It’s a time for us to celebrate that love, and show our love for our families, friends and those less fortunate through gifts, time together and helping.

Cynthia Blackshear-Warren (sales): Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus, making new memories with my love ones, family and friends, and giving to those less fortunate.

Debbie Burgamy (sales): Christmas is special because it softens the hearts of everyone you meet. I enjoy both sides of Christmas — the lights and hubbub as well as the time of worship to celebrate Jesus’ birth. A twinge of sadness creeps in as I see some empty chairs around the table, but the memories make the spirit sweet.

Amanda Ellington (circulation): Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus with my family and friends and a time to be thankful for all the blessings in my life and giving back to others who are in need.

Bryan Fazio (editorial): It is a time of reflection. Giving forces us to be thoughtful of others and celebrating Christmas itself is a way to think on our life both in past celebrations, and its future eternal possibilities provided by the birth of Jesus.

Hosanna Fletcher (General Manager): Christmas is a time (not just a day) full of wonder, hope and joy – all from the greatest gift of all, Jesus. From the feeling you get from giving and getting gifts, to the flurry of activity that goes into family and friend get-togethers, to quiet, reflective moments surrounded by Christmas tree lights or at candlelight church services, Christmas has a magic all its own.  

Aimee Gethers (sales): Christmas to me is remembering the real reason and that’s the Birth of Jesus. It’s also the time to celebrate his birth with friends and family and to always remember the “true” meaning. It’s a time to give to the ones that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Jackie Gutknecht (editorial):  Christmas, to me, is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and spending time wrapped in the love only family can provide. While giving presents is great, Christmas is a time for giving and providing a helping hand for those in need.

Erica Hardeman (circulation): Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus who died on the cross for our sins. It is a time for all of my family to gather and create new memories to hold dear to our hearts.

Gabriel Stovall (editorial): For me,Christmas is a time to remember and reflect on all the reasons the year has given me to be grateful to God for the great gift of life. It's my time to downshift from a hectic life and enjoy those who mean the most to me.

Brian Worton (information technology): Christmas is a time for my family to take part in our own little traditions that make me feel like a child again every single year. Christmas is not only a time for me to reflect on joyous memories I've had with my family in the past, but also a time for me to look forward to enjoying Christmas with a family of my own in the future.

Merry Christmas to all from The Covington News.