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Our thoughts: We wish you a merry Christmas
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One day this week the night sky was brilliant featuring a crescent moon and a few very bright stars. It was cold, but the night air was crisp and clean.

The scene caused us to pause and think of that night 2,010 years ago when such a sky also was visible. It was not quite as cold, but we can imagine a star so bright that it illuminated both heaven and earth. We could almost hear the sound of songs so happy and cheerful that we could not help but smile.

We also imagined a mother holding her newborn baby close to her breast in front of a warming fire.

The baby would be dressed in swaddling clothes, not in a sterile hospital, but in a common stable.

This baby would grow up to set the world on a new course - a new course that included neighborly love, forgiveness and a promise that we would someday share a heavenly glory with all who followed this simple but wise teacher. We try to imagine a mighty God who came as a babe to live like us and to teach us all of the wondrous things we needed to know.

One day he would die for us so that we could achieve all the things he promised.

We proudly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in this year 2009. Here at The Covington News we are grateful this Christmas season for each of you, our families and our newspaper, which has been here to celebrate Christmas with you and your families for the past 145 years.

We wish you a night sky that always is beautiful and bright and a special peace to be in your heart, not only for this Christmas but for the upcoming year.