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Our Thoughts: Trick or treat
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This is the time of year that can be awe-inspiring. It can also be scary…scary as in a werewolf chasing you through a cemetery with a chainsaw. And we’re not just talking about the 2016 election.

We’re in the midst of fall with its vibrant colors, cool breezes and delicious flavors. That also brings with it Halloween; a time for cute princesses, tiny superheroes, and adorably dressed pumpkins and punkins.

For those dressed to impress and quick to literally take candy from strangers, we urge safety.

There are many tips online, in this newspaper, from your schools, churches and local law enforcement officers. Above all, the most important tip is to be involved.

Several areas will have extra officers patrolling, as Clarks Grove and Covington Place will have streets closed. So you know the police will be that much closer.

The Covington Square also offers a great place for children to enjoy treats without having to worry about tricks.
The Covington Police Department will also be sponsoring their annual Scare on the Square. Our local law enforcement officers will hand out candy from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in an area closed off to traffic.

No doubt hundreds of costumes will be on hand, some familiar and some creative.

Most of us can remember that one costume that you made as a kid… an idea that you had, the plans you put into action for your creation to come out just as you had envisioned. Of course, none of us actually looked like the robot, mailbox, or mermaid that we had envisioned, but our imaginations told us otherwise.

While seeing a tiny carbon-copy of Iron Man, Mickey Mouse or miniature political figures are amusing, the most original costumes are also the most enjoyable for those handing out candy.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Halloween, go ahead and celebrate. Prepare your home to greet families and kids safely, respectfully, frightfully, and full of fun. Dress up – that goes for you adults too (if permissible at your office). Attend a trunk-or-treat event at a local church. Visit a nursing home with your kids in costume. Attend Scare on the Square. Host a Halloween afterschool party (it is, after all, Monday night and there is school the next day).

Halloween can be a community event that makes Newton County proud.

We at The Covington News have been telling the story of your life for over 150 years. We have seen some pretty unique, cute, awe-inspiring costumes and have printed many of them.

We currently have a Cutest Kid Costume contest. The Covington News is your hometown newspaper and we want to celebrate your kids, your family, and our community. We have partnered with the Covington Police Who Care to sponsor this photo contest.
A winner will be printed in November 6 edition of this newspaper and receive a $100 gift card to Walmart.
So snap a photo of your child or grandchild and submit it via our website. Then share it with all your friends and family to get them to vote! Who knows – your little pumpkin might win the hearts of the community!
Whoever wins the contest, we all win by celebrating Halloween together in a fun, safe, community-oriented way.