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Our Thoughts: The verdict
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We still are a nation of laws. Unfortunately, there are many groups who have forgotten that.

Before we go any further, let us make this point: It is tragic when anyone dies unnecessarily, be it a teenager or adult, black or white or brown.
Every day you can read stories about unnecessary and violent acts carried out against blacks, whites and browns. Many of those crimes are black on black, white on white, or brown on brown.
There is nary a peep about those daily occurrences from anyone other than the victims’ families.
Because of that, we have found it puzzling from the beginning that the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case has become such a rallying cry of injustice for people like the Revs. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, the NAACP and the Obama Justice Department.
After following this case on national TV, we have concluded that the jury did its job fairly.
At the start of the trial, the jury had but one task: deciding if George Zimmerman was guilty of second-degree murder. There should not be one person with good, common sense who could have found him guilty of that charge based on the evidence presented.
At the last minute, the judge allowed the jury to have the option of charging Zimmerman with manslaughter, which carried a possible jail term of 25 years. As far as we were concerned, that was not a fair charge that could be proven, either.
If this whole trial had not been politicized and driven to a frenzy by the mainstream media, then perhaps Zimmerman could have been charged with a lesser crime that would have meant some jail time. After that, he could have gone on with his life, and most people would have felt that justice had been done.
In the aftermath of the trial, the actions by some people across the land who feel they have the right to protest by destroying businesses and endangering innocent people are unacceptable. They also set back the progress made in race relations over the years.
We are fortunate that we live in a community where the majority of people use common sense and are willing to discuss and work out problems created by an incident like this, instead of destroying other people’s property as a form of disagreement.
We do not live in a perfect society. But most of our readers, especially those of baby boomer age, have seen time change attitudes and traditions in their lifetimes. We accept the fact that there is still room for more progress in race relations. We have no doubt that such progress will come..
We are more than disappointed by our brethren in the Main Stream media; their careless disregard for the pulse of this nation is as out of hand as it was in the Vietnam era, a sad time in our history.
When you are in your house of worship this week, please pray to our God that he might help us bring some civility back to our great country and that he helps us find a way to stop the senseless killings and crime that are now rampant..
Pray that he gives us the courage to understand fully that we indeed live in a land where all people are created and treated equally.