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Our thoughts: The Square
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Covington’s Square Park, which has become world renown because of the movie industry that is attracted to its uniqueness, has recently been spruced up by the city of Covington. This valuable piece of earth has been one of the main reasons the city’s tax base has remained fairly consistent when other municipalities have suffered loss of tax dollars.

Recently it was reported that more groups want to use our square than there are viable dates for their use.

These type of activities are beginning to attract more viable businesses to the downtown area, which is not only good for the city coffers but for local merchants and citizens alike.

The more viable businesses that locate downtown make it possible not to have to drive out of the community to shop, eat and search for entertainment.

We realize that there is a group of folks who do not wish this to happen, that happens anyplace that there is a potential for positive growth.

We also endorse the city’s recent decision to charge a fee to groups wanting to use the Square. The city set up the structure, depending on what personnel is required, to recoup some of the money that goes into bringing crowds to our historic Square.

This is a good way to keep people coming to downtown Covington and Newton County, while still being financially sound.
We support the city’s efforts to continue to improve the square; it’s an investment of money and time that is benefit for a majority of the citizens of Covington and Newton County