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Our Thoughts: The heart of our community
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Sadness swept through Newton County this week with the deaths of three of its citizens under the age of 25.

Losing someone is always tragic, but it seems worse when they should have had much more life to live, and even worse when there isn’t a reason.

Sometimes we can’t know the answer to “why;” There is a “how” that can be answered. As in “how can we heal?”

Vigils were held in the community, allowing friends, family, loved ones and those concerned to express their grief and share their tales of happier times.

Hundreds came together on Wednesday in reverence after the death of Andrea Tyrah DeBruhl, a 5-year-old kindergartener at the Theme School at Ficquett. Covington First United Methodist was full of adults and children looking for answers and seeking prayer.

Pastors of several churches were on hand, shedding their denominations and expanding their community. It was no longer the community of Ficquett, the community of Covington First UMC, the community of Covington, the community of the Debruhls, it was the community of Newton County support.

Today’s world makes it easier to be separate. But we are still a community that is willing to come together to share our pains and sorrows, reaching out to loved ones and strangers.

Throughout the past few months the employees of this publication have been reflecting on what The Covington News is and what we want it to be. The resounding statement is that we want to be a part of the community. That path is rarely clear, and is certainly not always easy.

There is no better time to work together than when something seems out of reach. An answer to the tragedies of this week is difficult, if not impossible, to find. A way to cope is a little easier to find. We encourage Newton County residents in need to turn to their neighbors.

A strong community in turn strengthens our resolve. And the willingness of so many to be part of this community can strengthen each of us.

In the dark times of sadness, Light will shine through.

Newton County, take with you this week the light of your community. Count on your friends, families and neighbors. More importantly, continue to be there for them.