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Our thoughts: Taking charge
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Last week in our editorial about the reappointment for a year of county Attorney Tommy Craig we said that none of the commissioners gave a reason for voting for Craig.

We apologize because that statement was not correct. Commissioners John Douglas, Levi Maddox, J.C. Henderson and Chairman Keith Ellis praised Craig for his years of service and the money he has saved the county in lawsuits etc. before they voted yes.

We also said that if people didn’t like that decision, they could use the ballot box to remove the commissioners who voted for Craig.

Apparently some folks, including a few of the commissioners, missed the point.

First, as we said, we have no issue with Tommy Craig being appointed again, but some people do.

We have a bad and crippling habit in this county of spending months attacking and cursing the decisions of all elected boards. Our point is this: the decision has already been made; your complaints and all of your nasty retorts on social media aren’t going to change that decision.

If you really don’t like the decisions made by our elected officials — any of them — than spend your time in a positive manner. Find someone who thinks like you and have them run for political office; you might find that there won’t be many takers.

Or, instead of being a complainer and prolific writer of your own philosophy on social media, run yourself.
The ballot box in this country is still the best means of change but it must be used in a positive way.

So our advice is stop complaining about the past, think positively about the future--that’s how you can ensure that we have a strong progressive county for our children to take over.