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Our thoughts... Streamlining meetings
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The Covington City Council voted this week 3-2 to restrict the time in which citizens who have not signed up to be on the agenda can express their concerns or wants.

This was the proper thing for council to do and was long overdue.

Every citizen has the right to address his or her elected officials at a public meeting, but it is more than rude and inconsiderate to go to a meeting and ramble on about issues that are probably only important to you or a few friends.

The five minute limit is fair and standard. For this to work the time limit needs to be strictly enforced, and if people do not follow the time rule, they should be removed from the podium if necessary.

If you have an issue that you feel is important for the council to take note of, then take the time to place your name on the agenda for the next meeting. This is a very simple procedure, and the employees who will guide you through it are pleasant.

This new rule should streamline the way the community does business with its elected officials.