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Our thoughts... Shown the door
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U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey of Marietta and four other republicans introduced a bill this past week that would kick all members of Congress out of the federal employees’ health plan and automatically enroll them into any public option program being drafted of any new health care reform plans.

We appreciate the congressman’s sense of humor; to think that this congress would even think for a minute that they should be treated the same as us common folks borders on the absurd.

Over the years, we the American people have allowed — because of our indifference, which shows up on a regular basis during every election — our elected officials to lavish themselves with benefits and to have perverted power to a point that we now have nothing more than a monarchy.

For years, we in the media business have talked about how one day the silent majority is going to awake from its deep slumber and straighten things out in this country.

It is apparent now that many of the major media outlets in this country did not believe their own statements. The actions of the Obama administration have begun to awaken that sleeping vast majority.

The elections in Virginia and New Jersey are just the start of a revival of American public consciousness. In spite of the efforts to pooh-pooh this revival by the Obama administration, the Democratic-controlled Congress and liberal media outlets, we predict Obama administration will be shown the door in 2012.